Can semen cause odour that is vaginal intercourse?

Can semen cause odour that is vaginal intercourse?

A poster to at least one of our forums, ashley73242, had written about her issues of an unusual genital odour after her male partner ejaculated inside her while having sex. She additionally felt the semen would continue steadily to leak out of her vagina for a week and had been concerned the length ended up being causing the odor.

Just exactly How should a vagina scent?

To greatly help answer ashley73242’s concern, it’s firstly essential to comprehend what exactly is a ‘normal’ scent for a vagina. a healthier vagina is never ever odour-free. It really is entirely normal for the vagina to own a normal fragrance that is specific for your requirements.

Why you have my boyfriend’s cum to smell so incredibly bad inside of me? Often personally i think want it rots in there then leaks down. It smells so very bad!!

— ashley73242, Rotten odor after male ejaculation inside of my vagina

Your vagina is very very carefully balanced ecosystem and certainly will be host to normally a community of ‘good’ bacteria. Among the main germs is called Lactobacillus, like the kind present in ‘live’ yoghurts. In substitution for its house, Lactobacillus produces acid that is lactic hydrogen peroxide. This keeps genital pH at a range that is optimal of. These acid conditions function as being a disinfectant and discourage less welcome germs from causing infections. It really is these normal germs that can donate to a vagina’s normal scent.

Can be your life style giving you thrush?

Genital thrush is really a typical ailment with a calculated three away from four females developing it .

Can be your life style providing you thrush?

Can males get thrush?

Can semen cause genital odour after intercourse?

What your genital release could possibly be wanting to let you know

Genital odour and intercourse

Such as the armpits, the groin has a top concentration of perspiration glands. During workout and sexual intercourse, it really is normal for the genitals to obtain sweaty and also this may subscribe to a far more prominent vaginal odour.

You could have an infection called bacterial vaginosis (BV) if you have noticed a strong vaginal odour after sex that is more than can be attributed to sweaty genitals, it’s possible. BV occurs once the stability for the reason that all-important genital ecosystem is disrupted, permitting a bacterium called Gardnerella vaginosis to flourish. The illness creates a slim, grey release having a fishy odour this is certainly more pungent when in touch with semen. Your GP often helps diagnose this and administer therapy.

Will it be absolutely me personally?

After a male has ejaculated to the vagina, many semen will either seep down or dry out. It really won’t ‘rot’ inside you. The vagina is self-cleaning organ, and any staying semen will leave the human body with a ladies’ discharge. Sperm might survive for no more than five times in the vagina.

Other odour causes

Other factors may impact a vagina’s scent, without and thus there is one thing incorrect together with your hygiene or genital wellness. This may add:

Hormonal alterations

Genital odour can vary greatly in reaction to your menstrual period, maternity and menopause.


Hormone treatment such since the contraceptive supplement and antihistamines can dry the vagina out and alter its odour.

Primarily evidence that is anecdotal recommended that genital odour may alter with food items, such as for instance garlic, onions and strong spices.

Other notable causes of an irregular odour that is vaginal specially if followed by signs such as for example an itchy or irritated vagina or an alteration in discharge, may need investigating with you GP. prospective factors include:

  • Bad hygiene.
  • Intimately sent infections.
  • A forgotten tampon.
  • Thrush infection.
  • Rectovaginal fistula (an connection that is abnormal the vagina and also the anus, most often due to bowel dilemmas like inflammatory bowel illness, childbirth-related accidents, cancer tumors or cancer tumors remedies such as for instance radiotherapy).
  • Genital and cervical cancer.

The problems of over-cleaning

Ashley73242 had been appropriate whenever she pointed out that ‘douching” is not best for your vagina.

I want advice about what is causing it and just how to eliminate it. I am going to do just about anything except douche it isn’t healthy because I was told.

— ashley73242, Rotten odor after male ejaculation inside of my vagina

Our company is usually bombarded with advertisements for feminine hygiene items motivating one to keep your vagina smelling and clean like plants. This will deliver harmful messages to ladies that the vagina is unhygienic and requires regular cleansing. Both are nonsense.

Your vagina is self-cleaning, and utilizing feminine hygiene products can impact your normal microbiome, causing you to be more prone to genital infections (and associated bad odours). a present research demonstrated that ladies utilizing feminine hygiene items or douches had been very likely to have BV, yeast-based infections, sexually transmitted infections and UTIs.

Avoid all of the high priced (and quite often harmful) services and products and just stick to the following advice to keep your genital healthier:

  • Rub front to when planning to the loo.
  • Wash your external vaginal area with water or perhaps a moderate detergent whenever into the bath.
  • Avoid harsh or soaps that are irritant.
  • Never douche.
  • Wear loose-fitting, breathable cotton underwear.
  • Whenever menstruating, modification tampons and sanitary pads every hours that are few.